Treasure Chest

  • Up To £500 Jackpot
  • Play with 20p; 50p; £1; £2
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Ahoy, mateys! Welcome aboard our search for “Treasure Chest”, a slot game that’s a real treasure trove of excitement and rewards! If you enjoy playing Treasure Chest why not give The Lost Treasures a go!

Treasure Chest sets sail with stakes from 50p to £2, and if you play your cards right, you could hit the jackpot of £500.

With its classic treasure theme, you’ll encounter symbols such as bars, X and O’s, glittering gold coins, and of course, bountiful treasure chests. Ready your best pirate accent, it’s time to hoist the mainsail and chase the golden horizon!

In “Treasure Chest”, wild symbols are as unpredictable as a pirate’s mood, swapping for any 3 matching symbols on any win line to increase your loot. But there’s more to this salty sea tale! A red/black gamble feature can boost your winnings, so you might want to throw caution to the wind and take a chance.

Spot five treasure chests in view to unlock the elusive Treasure Chest feature, where you’ll have to make a tough choice in the ‘pick me’ feature. Will you opt for free spins, or will you choose the mystery chest bonus?

Chart your course across 10 win lines, where fortune favours the bold. Your plunder increases with your stake, so don’t be afraid to take the helm and steer your game towards the jackpot. Whether you’re a greenhorn or an old salt, you’re sure to enjoy the adventure that awaits in “Treasure Chest”.

Keep your eyes peeled for those treasure chests. Spotting five in view will trigger the Treasure Chest feature, opening up a world of possibility. The bonus can be retriggered during your free spins, so there’s a chance for even more loot.

If you’re brave enough to stake £2, both the gold and silver pots could net you the £500 jackpot. Remember, in “Treasure Chest”, the riskier the move, the sweeter the reward.

So, climb aboard, it’s time to set sail and conquer the “Treasure Chest” game! As the pirates say, “May your stakes be high, your risks be bold, and your treasures be plentiful!” Good luck, mateys!