• Up To £500 Jackpot
  • Play with 25p; 50p; £1; £2
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Get ready to ignite your gameplay with Pompay, a brand-new 5-reel slot boasting a scorching 20-win lines and the explosive Lava Link feature! This volcanic adventure is primed to set your reels ablaze and shower you with hot wins!

This game is brimming with exciting features to get stuck into. Keep an eye out for an Eruption! The volcano doesn’t wait for an invitation – it can erupt at any moment during your reel-spinning frenzy. When it blows its top, flaming rocks rain down, and you’ve got a chance to catch them on your reels. Land 5 or more of these fiery stones, and you’ll trigger the thrilling Lava Link Feature. If you’re a tad unlucky and only get 4 or less rocks, don’t fret, they’ll transform into wild symbols, sizzling up your chances of a fiery win!

The Lava Link Feature is where things really get exciting. Picture this: 5 or more rocks hitting your reels during a single spin – that’s the magic number to trigger the Feature. When this fiery fiesta begins, those lucky rocks will lock in place while the volcano lets loose again. If more rocks find their way onto your reels, the volcano keeps erupting until either no new rocks land or every spot on your reels is taken. What’s more, a new rock can land on top of an existing one, causing the original rock to upgrade to the next tier, with red being the hottest tier of them all! The tiers go from yellow to orange to red. And if your reels are bursting with rocks, brace yourself for a Mega Eruption, making the volcano go out with a bang. This final eruption showers your existing reel positions with even more rocks, levelling them up to the next tier. Once the feature concludes, the rocks that have been locked on your reels explode to reveal thrilling cash prizes or pots that are all yours!

If you thought this couldn’t get any better, keep reading! In the midst of the Lava Link Feature, you might be lucky enough to snag some Cash Pots. When these treasures are awarded, the total cash displayed is yours for the taking!

Want to enhance your gameplay further? We’ve got a Power Play mode!

This isn’t your ordinary volcanic expedition – it’s a Power Play! Any win of £10 or more triggers the ‘Pick a Fireball’ bonus. But that’s not all – Power Play revs up the action, increasing the number of win lines from 10 to a scorching 20!

When you’re in the ‘Pick a Fireball’ bonus, four fiery icons dance over your reels. You get to pick one of these blazing beauties to unveil a ‘collect’ or, even better, an ‘eruption’. Choosing eruption catapults you straight into the heart of the Lava Link Feature, where fortunes are set to explode!

Now, you’re all set to venture into the fiery world of Pompay, where the volcano and your fortunes erupt in perfect harmony. It’s a sizzling adventure that promises molten-hot wins!