Globe Roulette

  • Up To £500 Jackpot
  • Play with £2

If you’re going to be playing a game of roulette, your best bet is to play at Admiral on Globe Roulette. The only single zero offering available, with a massive 97.3% RTP.

Take a spin on this classic roulette featuring a jackpot of £500 and a single stake of £2. Following tradition, the roulette wheel contains 36 red and black numbers, however this game boasts 1 green number, highlighting the single zero offering.

Add a new dimension to the table by activating the spin bar feature. The Spin Bar feature changes according to the bet that has been placed by the player, the larger your chip stack the smaller the green section of the Spin Bar will be.

When the player hits BET the pointer will spin around the the Spin Pie, if it lands in the green you’ll be in for a win!

If you choose to place over 200 chips, the spin bar will be activated. This allows you to place up to 3000 chips across a £2 bet. The likelihood of winning the pre-gamble is determined by the amount of chips you have placed, so if you have 400 (£4) chips, there is a 50% chance of getting a spin on the roulette wheel!

Keep an eye on the green section of the Spin Bar, which adjusts based on your bet. Attempt to strike a balance between caution and risk to discover the optimal combination that could lead to big rewards!