Free Plays 500

  • Up To £500 Jackpot
  • Play with £1; £2
Screenshot 2023-11-21 160846

Remember the classic Free Play 500? It’s back and brighter than a jackpot’s neon lights. This legendary B3 game, which gave birth to the renowned Mega Bars series, has been polished, revamped, and set on modern cabinets. Whether you’re an old-timer or a newbie eager to roll, “Free Play 500” promises a blend of nostalgic and innovative gameplay. With 10 win lines and up to 50 Free Plays, there’s a chance you might just hit the jackpot – a dazzling £500 for a full screen of Bars! Ready to pull the lever on this blast from the past?

Let’s unravel the magic reels, shall we? The game revolves around Free Spins – depending on how those glitzy symbols line up, you could score between 3 to 50 of these spins. And here’s the cherry on top: the more symbols you line up on the win lines, the more Free Plays you’re awarded. Once you’re spinning for free, all your victorious combos get added to the Play Bank. And when the Free Play party ends? Every penny in the Play Bank is transferred directly to your standard Win display. Talk about watching your riches grow!

Here’s a golden nugget of wisdom: during your Free Plays, keep a hawk’s eye on those win lines. The more symbols you align, the greater the Free Plays you’ll scoop up. And remember, all the wins during these Free Plays aren’t just for show – they pile up in your Play Bank. So, the next time you’re in the Free Play mode, think of it as your very own gold rush!

As much as we love a retro vibe, this isn’t just any old-school slot. With a bet range of £1.00 to £2.00, you’ve got choices on how much you want to wager. And speaking of things heating up, keep an eye on the game’s volatility meter. It might just give you a hint on when the game’s about to turn up the heat or cool things down. So, gear up, set your bets, and may the Bars be ever in your favour!