Eye of Horus Megaways with Pots

  • Up To £500 Jackpot
  • Play with 20p; 50p; £1; £2
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Step into the golden sands of ancient Egypt with the Eye of Horus Megaways with Pots! This is not just a slot game; it’s a journey through time, bathed in the radiant light of the Sun God, Horus. With over 15,000 ways to conquer the treasures, Horus is not just watching; he’s bringing an avalanche of Megaways to make your adventure even more thrilling. “Eye’ve” got a feeling you’re in for some ancient fun!

Lost amidst the pyramids? Worry not! With the Megaways feature, you have between 2 and 5 symbols on each reel, opening up to an astonishing 15,625 ways to win. Now, Horus isn’t just a pretty eye; when he graces the reels, he stretches out, filling the reel and upgrading other symbols. And if the scatter symbol catches your “eye”, be prepared for a deluge of 12 free games. Oh, and did we mention the 6 mysterious tablets above the reels, each containing symbols that could magnify your riches during Free Games?

Here’s some age-old wisdom straight from the hieroglyphs: during Free Games, if Horus flutters in, his presence casts a spell, transforming symbols to even more valuable ones on the tablets and reels. This magical change continues until all tablets bear the same symbol. But there’s more! If Horus feels generous and appears during a Free Game, he gifts additional free spins, turning your gameplay into an endless Egyptian festival.

Ever dreamed of unearthing Pharaoh’s treasure? Keep your eyes wide open for the Megaways Pots feature! If luck stands by you and all 6 reels light up, you get to choose from 6 golden pots. Each pot holds a mystery, but only one carries the majestic prize – it could be a progressive pot or a cash prize. Also, dare to play on the £2 stake? Doing so might just let you see the maximum ways to win on any spin, making your adventure even more “mummifying”! So, gear up and let the Egyptian winds guide your path to ancient riches!