Catch of the Day

  • Up To £500 Jackpot
  • Play with 20p; 50p; £1; £2
Screenshot 2023-08-16 122745

Dive into Catch of the Day, where the waters are teeming with chances to reel in big wins! It’s an oceanic adventure like no other, offering you a splashin’ good time. So, get ready to cast your line into this fishing-themed slot, and see if you can net the ultimate prize.

In the vast fishing waters of this 5×3 reel game, boasting 10 win lines, there’s a lot to catch, especially with a max win of a whopping £500. As fish symbols swim into your line of view with prize values flashing like a beacon, keep your eyes peeled for the fisherman. Every fisherman in sight will snap up those fish, raking in their values for you. But remember, there’s only one fisherman per reel, so those fin-tastic fish values can be caught up to 5 times! And how many free spins you get? Well, that’s all down to how many scatters you reel in!

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Dive deeper with the “Fortune Spins” feature! This is where the tides turn in your favour. Activate Fortune Spins by pressing its dedicated button, and you’ll unlock a 50/50 pre-gamble, offering you one thrilling spin of the reels. And to sweeten the pot? Land on SPIN, and you’ll have enhanced chances, thanks to an extra prize for a 2x scatter bonus feature entry.

So, are you ready to tackle Catch of the Day? Remember, there’s plenty of fish in this sea, but only the best fishers reel in the biggest prizes. Cast out, and may your catch be grand!