Burn ’em Up

  • Up To £100 Jackpot
  • Play with 20p; 50p; £1; £2
Burn em

Step into the fiery world of “Burn ‘em Up” or cool down with the chilling vibes of “Burn ‘em Up Ice.” Two games with identical sizzling mechanics but contrasting temperatures! Whether you’re in the mood for red-hot action or icy-cool spins, we’ve got the perfect game for you.

Ride the heat wave or get frosty as you chase those Free Spins – where will your adventure take you today?

Whichever temperature you prefer, the games are boiling over with features! Land 3 mixed ‘7 symbols’ and watch your wins ignite or freeze over with rewards. Don’t forget our scorching Joker – not just a fun-loving character but also your ticket to the jackpot when you land five in a row. Oh, and those Burn ‘em Up scatter bonuses? They’re sprinkled all over the reels, ready to unlock some Free Spin magic!

Though both our games may give you temperature whiplash, it’s the jokers you’ll want to keep an eye on. These cheeky chappies aren’t just here for giggles – they’re wild and ready to substitute for all but the Burn ‘em Up scatter, turning your spins into winning grins! But, here’s the ultimate tip: whether you’re playing with fire or ice, always remember – it’s all in good fun!

Heat up or cool down, spinners! Dive into “Burn ‘em Up” or “Burn ‘em Up Ice” and let the dual-temperature adventures begin!