Big Scary Fortune

  • Up To £500 Jackpot
  • Play with 20p; 50p; £1; £2
Screenshot 2023-11-21 155326

Get ready to dive broom-first with “Big Scary Fortune™”! This ghoulishly delightful slot, with its Halloween-themed antics, is designed to have your heart racing faster than a bat out of a haunted mansion. Spin through 5×3 reels, get ensnared in 10 win-lines, and prepare for a bonus treat that’ll have you howling at the moon with joy!

Dare to line up 3-5 matching symbols along the eerie win-lines and see if the spirits reward your bravery. Our not-so-friendly neighbourhood scarecrow is the Wild symbol here, and while he might not be the best at small talk, he’s pretty good at stepping in for any symbol—except for the bonus one. Now, speaking of bonuses: let’s talk about that ominous bonus symbol. When it creeps up three times or more on any reel, you’ll be ushered into the “Big Scary Bonus” room. Those quirky pumpkin symbols aren’t just there to light up the night, they’re also dishing out mixed pays. So, whether they come as a trio or a quintet, they’ve got a bag of treats for you.

Before the “Big Scary Bonus” has its wicked way with you, you’ll play a little match-3 game. A mystic grid will appear, with the number of tiles on it all depending on how many bonus symbols you managed to summon. As the tiles loom before you, remember: 3 bonus symbols conjure up 12 tiles, 4 unveil 9 tiles, and 5 reveal a mere 6. Your mission? Match three tiles and uncover the “Big Winner Value”. The real charm of the “Big Scary Bonus” is the boundless free spins you’ll enjoy until the Big Winner Value is awarded.

While you’re wrapped up in the bonus, do keep those eyes peeled for Mr. Scarecrow and his pumpkin pals. The values the pumpkins display? That’s yours! And if you see more than one scarecrow making an appearance, your rewards multiply. Just imagine: if all 15 slots lock up with the Big Winner, you’ll be in for a fortune so big, it’s terrifying! So, buckle up for a spook-tacular adventure that promises more twists and turns than a haunted house corridor!