Attack from Mars

  • Up To £500 Jackpot
  • Play with 20p; 50p; £1; £2
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Attack from Mars is here, and it’s an interstellar rollercoaster! Prepare to embark on a cosmic journey with this 5×4 reel game that beams down 20-win lines of out-of-this-world excitement. With stakes ranging from 20p to £2, this space odyssey offers an astral blend of adrenaline and rewards. Remember, when Mars attacks, it pays… in riches!

For an astronomical win, keep a keen eye on the spaceships atop each reel. Lighting them up is your ticket to the bonus game. And remember, the universe sometimes grants extra lifelines – in the form of bonus balls. With up to 5 on offer, they’re your gateway to prolonging the interstellar fun and boosting your payout potential.

Blast off into the Bonus Pinball Adventure game where a pinball is launched, zipping and zapping to find its cup. These cosmic cups harbour secret symbols that awaken reels full of spinning symbols and sticky wilds. But that’s not all – as the symbols tally up, you’ll soar towards that extraterrestrial win! Oh, and watch for those bonus balls; they’re the ticket to extending the fun.

Feeling lucky or daring to defy Martian odds? Every win offers you a chance to gamble with multi-odds dials. It’s an experience that mirrors the thrill of ‘Cops N Robbers Big Money‘. But space traveller, tread carefully: while the universe’s rewards are vast, so are its mysteries. Remember, the next spin might just be the one that takes you to another galaxy of wins!