5p Roulette

  • Up To £500 Jackpot
  • Play with £1; £2

It’s all to play for in ‘5p Roulette’. This classic arcade game just got an impressive upgrade with the new and exciting spin bar feature. Visit your local Admiral Slots today and play this much-loved game. Place your chips on the table and spin the wheel. You may be lucky enough to walk away with the £500 jackpot.

From your total of 3,000 chips, place your chosen amount onto the roulette board. Once you have placed your chips, you will see the number displayed on the ‘chips placed’ box, which will update the pay table to show the potential wins for that game cycle. Once you’re happy, place your bets! If the arrow lands on the green section, the roulette feature will start, and if it lands on your number, your winnings will be credited. If the arrow lands in the red, the roulette wheel will not spin, and the game cycle will end. Autoplay is only available when the spin bar is active and will stop when a win has been achieved.

Activate the spin bar by placing 200 or more chips. If you place between 100 and 200 chips, the spin bar will be unavailable, and the roulette wheel feature will spin. When placing over 200 chips, you then can adjust the spin bar. The more chips placed, the larger the red section becomes. If your green section is bigger, you are more likely to see the roulette feature spin.