New Game! Crazy Reel King Potty

£500 Jackpot | £1/£2

Can you spin the Crazy reels to win the gold?

Can you keep the CRAZY Reel King on your reels?

How to Play

Crazy Real King Potty has 3 progressive pots, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Every game, 1p is added to the Silver and Bronze pots and 2p is added to the Gold pot. The pots will continue to increase in value until they are won or they reach £500.

Hints & Tips

Randomly at the end of any game the ‘Real King Pot’ feature may start. Only one Real King character will appear with Gold Silver and Bronze ‘P’ ‘O’ & ‘T’ symbols on the reels. The reels will spin for slightly longer than normal and will land showing P- O-T in either Gold, Silver or Bronze. The corresponding pot value is then awarded… yippee!

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