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New Game! American Poker II

£500 Jackpot* | £1 Stake

Will you be a Poker King and get a Royal Flush?

Take a seat at the table and see if you come up flush with American Poker II

You’ll be dealt a five card hand when you settle into our VIP lounge cabinet, trying your luck from a standard deck of 52 cards that includes a single joker. Enjoy a thrilling twist on classic poker by betting on the first hand dealt, then choosing whether or not to buy into the second draw.

You can hold as many cards as you like, then spin again to exchange un-held cards and see if you can assemble a win from traditional poker hands such as straights, flushes and four of a kind!

Every draw gives you the chance to win a mini bonus, and you’ll also need to keep an eye open for the joker, which substitutes a card to help you line up a big win.

Perfect for card game fans who want to take home big wins, American Poker II is here to welcome you to our VIP lounge games.

*500 jackpot applies when game played on multiple win lines.

How to Play

This is a classic card game where you are dealt a first hand, then choose to buy into a second draw. You will only be paid a win if you elect to buy into the second draw. You can hold as many cards as you like and the game will also help you choose by automatically highlighting the ‘best’ cards – but you can ignore this and choose others if you prefer.

After holding, you will then spin again and see which hand you can make, ranging in pay-out value from low hands such as pair or two pair through to big wins for the five of a kind or royal flush. The joker card is in play throughout which acts as a ‘wild’ to substitute other wins.

Finally, there’s a mini bonus that can be activated on each draw. However, you’re not guaranteed a Mini Bonus win when Jack-or-better pair is held for the second draw! The Mini Bonus can be triggered with a Jacks-or-better pair (random chance) but only if you choose to purchase a second draw (2nd draws cost the same as your 1st hand dealt!). 

Hints & Tips

The joker card can substitute other cards to help you line up big wins, so if you draw it in your first hand you may well want to hold on to it for a second draw.


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